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Data Security

Enterprise businesses and government agencies around the world face the certainty of losing sensitive data from a lost laptop, removable media or other plug-and-play storage device.  This drives the need for a complete solution that secures data on all common platforms, deploys easily, scales to any size organisation and meets strict compliance requirements related to privacy laws and regulations.

Pointsec Data Security solutions are the most widely deployed and trusted for protecting and controlling data on laptops, PCs, mobile devices and removable media. By leveraging a strong and efficient blend of full disk encryption, access control, port management and removable media encryption, Pointsec solutions delivers on comprehensive data security


Check Point Full Disc Encryption

Protect data where it's the most vulnerable

Laptop proliferation means mobile workforces expose a huge amount of company data outside the secure office perimeter. Confidential plans, customer information, and other sensitive data can be accessed through unattended computers. Also, increased media coverage of data breaches can damage corporate reputations, and privacy regulations, around the world, can open enterprises to civil litigation and criminal prosecution.


The Check Point Full Disk Encryption solution from Check Point has proven itself in enterprises and government agencies around the world, delivering the highest level of data security by providing a strong, full-disk encryption solution for PCs and laptops as well as access control. It has the most and highest-level of certifications, works with Linux or Windows, and provides centralised management of PC data security

  • Mitigates data breach exposure from lost or stolen PCs or laptops
  • Deploys quickly to meet compliance objectives and conserve resources
  • Scales to meet the needs of any size enterprise or government agency
  • Simplifies central management for lower total cost of ownership


Media Encryption

Prevents data leakage, encrypts removable media

The presence of USB ports on laptops and PCs has driven the potential for serious data leakage occurring in your enterprise. These ports allow users to extract any data in an instant by connecting storage devices like USB flash drives, iPods or Bluetooth devices to company computers—making all enterprise computers vulnerable. The capability to copy sensitive enterprise data from corporate PCs onto these personal devices places your organisation at risk of undetected data leaks, which you probably have no way of tracking even if you do detect them.

Media Encryption from Check Point addresses the internal threat from unauthorised copying of enterprise data to personal storage devices through a combination of port management, content filtering, centralised auditing and management of storage devices and optional media encryption. It plugs these potential leak points and provides a comprehensive audit-reporting capability of how data files move on and off these devices, giving enterprises complete control of their security policies.


  • Deploys quickly, which meets compliance objectives and conserves resources
  • Controls input and output on all connection ports
  • Centrally manages devices individually by type, brand, or model
  • Scales to meet the needs of any size enterprise or government agency
  • Provides complete audit of device usage
  • Integrates transparently with Windows 2000/2003 Active Directory and Novell eDirectory
  • Maintains high productivity because the application runs transparently to users.
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