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Encryption Solutions




Network or SAAS based Encryption Solutions

McEvoy Thomas offer a wide range of encryption solutions for your business that can run on your network or on a hosted SAAS platform. With the depth and breadth of products across the three vendors, we cover everything from endpoint & email to appliances & databases.


Our chosen solutions use industry-leading encryption algorithms and offer multiple layers of protection that address specific risk areas. Encryption can be extended to PCs, laptops, network files and folders, removable media, and USB storage devices.


Endpoint Encryption allows you to transparently secure a broader scope of confidential information including customer data, intellectual property, legal and financial records, and employee communications with no system performance degradation.


Centralised management
Our solutions give you granular control, automated security reporting, monitoring, deployment, and shared policy administration.


Administrators can easily customise encryption settings and grant or prohibit access by individuals or user groups. Auditing capabilities make it simpler to demonstrate compliance with internal and external security requirements.


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