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Webroot SecureAnywhere Business - Endpoint Protection

Webroot SecureAnywhere installs in milliseconds, scans in less than two minutes and becomes more intelligent every day.  Its 700-kilobyte client efficiently accesses more than 75 terabytes of malware data in our cloud-based Webroot Intelligence Network.

As this collective intelligence delivers comprehensive real-time protection, endpoints collect over 200 gigabytes of behavioral hashes each day.  Unique URL and IP data feeds from strategic partners to further enrich our malware intelligence.  As a result, Webroot SecureAnywhere becomes more powerful every minute, and more effective each time an endpoint is added anywhere in the world.

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SecureAnywhere Business - Mobile Protection

Powerful, smart devices allow for a highly mobile and productive workforce. Enterprise mobile management and security has led to a complex set of challenges for IT. Webroot SecureAnywhere Business - Mobile delivers uncompromising defense against malware and web-based threats, ensuring end users and business data are protected. The SecureAnywhere platform is the only cloud-based security solution delivering both mobile and endpoint protection from a single management console.


Webroot SecureAnywhere Business - Mobile Protection is a cloud based service that offers easy deployment and unified management across both mobile devices and PCs.

Web-based Administrator Console
  • Single point of control for mobile devices and PCs
  • Intuitive interface delivers critical visibility of all devices and PCs
  • Mobile dashboard provides instant status of devices needing attention
  • Ability to execute Lost Device commands remotely

Cloud-based Security
  • No servers or on-premise infrastructure required; reduces capital expenditure and administrative cost
  • Infinitely scalable, unlimited number of devices can be managed from one account
  • Fast implementation and free feature upgrades included

Over-the-air Deployment
  • Easily rollout solution to devices via email, SMS or QR code

Support for a Diversity of Mobile Platforms
  • Support for multiple mobile operating systems, regardless of form factor, provides end users flexibility and choice
  • Most popular devices including Android, iPhone and iPad

Webroot Web Security Service for Business


The web continues to be the primary way that hackers and cyber-criminals propagate attacks, and often those infected have no indication they've been compromised, so having a web security defence layer is essential.

Webroot Web Security Service is a cloud-based security service that stops web usage threats before they reach your users' or your network.  It intercepts all web page requests and ensures that remote and mobile employees, as well as those on network, are fully protected. It also ensures that web usage and Internet access policies are consistently enforced, no matter where users are accessing the web from.

The Webroot Web Security Service is designed to make it simple for you to manage and enforce Internet usage policies, track web trends and minimize web malware. And as there's no on-premise management hardware and software to administer, as the management console is cloud-based too, it all adds-up to considerable savings in time and operational cost.

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